Whistleblower Policy

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia has adopted a Whistleblower Policy to provide an environment in which employees and contractors are able to report instances of unethical, unlawful, or undesirable conduct without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

The types of conduct that may be reported under the Whistleblower Policy include:

- Unethical conduct
- Illegal or unlawful practices
- Corrupt activities
- Harassment
- Theft, fraud or misappropriation
- Substantial mismanagement of resources
- Substantial risk to workplace safety or environment.

All matters can be reported to MTU Detroit Diesel Australia’s external auditors, Deloitte by calling 1300 173 918 or emailing

If you report concerns you have the right to have your identity kept confidential and this would only be release with your consent. You can also report concerns anonymously.

In all cases a person will not be discriminated against or disadvantaged for making a report in accordance with the Code or the Whistleblower Policy.