Maintenance Products
  • MTU Detroit Diesel Australia are the distributors of world-leading performance and maintenance products, and our full range of maintenance programs and technical support is offered in association with market-leading oil and filter brands.
  • MTU Lubricants


    MTU brand lubricants are premium quality lubricating oils for off-highway applications.

    Detroit Diesel Lubricants


    Detroit Diesel brand lubricants are premium quality lubricating oils for on-highway applications. Specially formulated to meet or exceed a range of OEM specifications.
    Power Cool Coolants


    PowerCool Coolants are premium long life coolants formulated to provide maximum engine and cooling system protection.


    For more than 80 years Donaldson has been developing filtration systems that make your world cleaner, quieter and more efficient.

    Dura-Lite Charge Air Coolers


    Dura-Lite charge air coolers are the industry standard for a robust charge air cooling solution for a variety of applications.