• MTU is a leading global manufacturer of large diesel engines and complete drive systems for marine propulsion, military, heavy vehicles, power generation and railroad applications.
  • MTU Series 4000


    The MTU Series 4000 was developed by MTU and Detroit Diesel from the late 1980’s and production began in April 1997.

    MTU Series 60 Marine


    The MTU Series 60 marine engines embody the qualities of reliability, durability, and low life cycle costs to deliver uncompromising performance in terms of speed, agility, and safety.

    MTU Series 1800


    The MTU Series 1800 engines are based on Mercedes-Benz industrial engines and they are the only engine on the market available in 6-cylinder inline arrangement.

    MTU Series 2000


    The MTU Series 2000 was introduced to the market in 1996 and is manufactured in 8V-, 10V-, 12V-, 16V- and 18V-cylinder configurations.

    MTU Series 183


    The MTU Series 183 engines are adaptations of Mercedes-Benz industrial engines.

    MTU Series 1600


    The MTU Series 1600 is the latest member of MTU’s Power Family.

    MTU Series 396


    The MTU Series 396 is one of MTU’s unrivalled engines in the high power range.

    MTU Series 1163


    The MTU Series 1163 combines all of MTU’s advantages in it and is unique in the marine market.

    MTU Series 400


    The MTU Series 400 is MTU’s latest and most advanced gas engine for the power generation market.


    MTU Series 8000


    The MTU Series 8000 engines are MTU’s solution for the upper end of the high power range.